Equipment Rental

Oregon Ballistic Laboratories maintains several specialized tools that are available for rental. The varied testing conducted by OBL has produced a large amount of equipment with applications in all sorts of destructive testing and beyond.

All equipment available for rental can come in three levels of service

                Level 1: Independent Equipment Rental – This is intended for experienced users and includes the equipment and all required sensitivity/calibration information for operation.

Typical examples:

  • Short term rental of a piece of equipment that the user owns but is unavailable due to repairs or calibration needed.
  • Equipment the user is very familiar with, but does not currently have in inventory.

                Level 2: Equipment with On-Site or Off-Site Instruction – This is for new users and/or users who feel they could benefit with a refresher course on the operation of the equipment. This also includes ongoing troubleshooting via phone or email if necessary.

Typical examples:

  • Long term rental of equipment for use in ongoing testing
  • Instruction in operation when the number of people exposed to testing must be kept to a minimum

                Level 3: Equipment Accompanied by Operating Personnel – This is for inexperienced users or extremely technical applications or equipment.

Typical examples:

  • One time use of equipment
  • Complicated test setups, or reverse engineering applications

List of equipment:

  • FARO Quantum Arm with Laser Line Probe
  • Hybrid III 50th Percentile Male Anthropomorphic Test Devices (ATDs)
  • Data Acquisition Systems
  • Doppler Radar