Body Armor Testing

Oregon Ballistic Laboratories (OBL) is an NIJ certified, NVLAP accredited body armor testing laboratory (NVLAP Lab Code 200826-0) capable of performing all portions of NIJ Standard 0101.06, including the hard and soft armor environmental conditioning cycles. OBL is also certified by the US Army Aberdeen Test Center to perform testing in the Hard Armor and Soft Armor commodity areas. OBL is also under a 5 year contract with the NYPD to perform all LAT testing on new and used body armor.

OBL’s accreditation and certification documents can be viewed here.

The pairing of skilled staff and specialty equipment allows OBL to provide rapid test results with unparalleled precision. From the initial R&D process to final certification, OBL is dedicated to the success of our body armor customers by providing prompt and accurate data. In addition to our technical expertise, we are also experts in ITAR compliance and welcome inquires from international armor manufacturers.

For pricing and any additional information please contact  Darius Nuttbrock, Ballistic Test Director.

Special Equipment & Instrumentation

  • Dedicated standalone body armor ranges for increased efficiency, privacy, and security
  • FARO Laser ScanArm with Geomagic Qualify & Studio
  • Laser Intervalometer
  • Oehler Research Model 57 Infrared Light Screens
  • Custom built clay conditioning & handling equipment
  • High speed camera
  • Doppler radar
  • Agilent frequency counters
  • 4” circle and 12” square clamping fixtures
  • NIJ and ATC helmet headforms and fixtures
  • Custom fixture design, machining & fabrication available.

Additional Capabilities

  • RCC Fragmentation Testing: 2, 4, 16, 64 grain RCC
  • FSP Fragmentation Testing: 22 cal, 30 cal, 50 cal
  • Helmet Testing: PASGT, NIJ, ACH, ECH
  • Hard Body Armor: NIJ, SAPI, ESAPI, XSAPI, ESBI, XSBI
  • Nape Pad (NAPP) Testing
  • PUG & POG Testing, including low velocity RCC & FSP
  • DEA & FBI Body Armor Protocol