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Point of Contact:

Scott Buell
Blast Program Test Director
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(503) 540-8114 ext. 313

Blast Testing


Oregon Ballistic Laboratories takes great pride in its ability to conduct a wide variety of arena type high explosive blast tests in a safe and secure environment. Our blast team is well practiced in planning and executing jobs of all sizes, from 50 gram AP mines to 1500 pound ANFO shots. We don’t rely on subcontractors and we own all the instrumentation & equipment listed below, this allows our team to remain nimble and highly competitive. 

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OBL Blast Testing: Strengths & Capabilities

  • Experts in handling & reporting CLASSIFIED information
  • Two remote outdoor blast ranges all with controlled access and onsite facilities & repair
  • Available threats: IED, VBIED, EFP, grenade, DM-31, DM-51 (surrogate), M67, rocket, mortar, artillery (155mm M107), AP/AT mine, mine blast, pipe bombs, customer specified surrogates, shaped charges and many others
  • Available explosive materials: C4, ANFO, TNT, composition B, dynamite, pentolite and many others
  • Available soil materials: gravel, sand, silt, loam, clay, hybrid mixes, moisture content controlled, undisturbed soil, asphalt, concrete
  • Product testing: Wheeled vehicles, blast containment (ASTM E2639), spall liners, fuel tank self-sealing & fire suppression, doors/windows, reactive armors, automotive & aircraft components, guard booths, protective barriers, seats and floor mats
  • Custom fixture design, machining & fabrication available



  • Type 20 – Manufacturer of High Explosives                         9-OR-047-20-6E-00582
  • Type 10 – Manufacturer of Destructive Devices                   9-93-047-10-6M-01881
  • Type 11 – Importer of Destructive Devices                          9-93-047-11-5F-01437
  • ATF approved explosives storage magazines



  • High speed data acquisition systems, up to 25 MS/s
  • Example measurements: force, pressure, strain, acceleration, deflection, moment, temperature 
  • Doppler radar
  • 3D laser scanning, post-test damage analysis
  • High speed video
  • Real time HD video
  • Digital still photography